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[XHR2] responseXML.referrer is set, expected empty string


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Not set



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firefox50 --- fixed


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This patch fixes the referrer and lastModified attributes of responseXML for the tests, covering two of the four failing cases in the WPT. Bug 918768 is about the remaining document.cookie issues, so I'll leave those changes for that bug.

Try shows no failures:

Note that the existing web platform test does not actually get a Last-Modified HTTP header with the response, so the Last-Modified test will never pass as-is. As such the test will have to be corrected upstream before this patch lands, or I'll have to tweak it to still expect a failure from that test for now. I'll attach a second patch with a version of the test that works.
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Whoops, sorry, that first comment has the WPT-fixing patch, not the one that helps Firefox pass the tests. This is the one to review.
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Anne, could you take a peek at my comments and patch in comment 1 in this bug? Thanks!
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This looks wrong. According to even if that header is not present, document.lastModified still returns a value. It seems Chrome fails this too however so maybe we should change what this property returns for documents that are not the result of a navigation?
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Alright, here's a patch with just the responseXML.referrer changes.

I've created bug 1280454 to deal with lastModified once a decision is made on what to do there.
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set responseXML.referrer to the empty string. r=jst
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