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Symbolize ASan traces for jit-tests in test package


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In bug 917242, I added support for symbolizing ASan traces in automation, including jit-tests. However, ted told me that jit-tests are being moved out of make check into their own test package (horray for that!).

This bug is about making sure that we have symbolizing support even when running the jit-tests in the test-package.

Right now, in js/src/ we have this (now on inbound):

> ifdef MOZ_ASAN
> ifneq ($(LLVM_SYMBOLIZER),)
> # Use the LLVM symbolizer when running jit-tests under ASan, if available
> endif
> endif
>        $(JITTEST_ASAN_ENV) $(wildcard $(RUN_TEST_PROGRAM)) $(PYTHON) -u $(srcdir)/jit->test/ ...

So we're just setting the symbolizer path and then passing an environment variable. We can do the same thing when running from the test package, the only differences are:

1) The symbolizer binary path is different, it is packaged with the browser build, so it's in the same location as the js shell and the firefox binary.

2) We don't know if it's there, so we have to make the stuff conditional.

Dan, where I should I start working on this, or do you need help with anything else from my side here first?
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In mozharness we figure out the url for the js shell here [1] and retrieve it here [2]. You can add something similar for the symbolizer binary, but allow for the download to fail. The runtime environment is set up at [3], so you could set your variables there, provided the download was successful.

Besides, you would also need to make similar changes to the script.

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decoder: is this still an issue?
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I haven't heard of any problems related to symbolizing of JS crashes, so I'll just assume this is working. Also, since this bu has filed, the way we run tests and package jit-tests has changed multiple times so I guess we should file new bugs if we hit any problems with it.
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