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installing a printer inside the print dialog caused a long script warning which caused a ui deadlock of sorts




Printing: Setup
4 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

OSX 10.8
no printers installed / configured
have network autodiscover printer available
printer that requires a decent amount of time to download / install

1. print a page (this was a popup / separate window / invoice thingy)
2. in dialog select discovered printer
3. click thru install dialogs, perhaps distractedly waiting around in between
4. await download/install process
5. attempt to use printer by clicking "print"

Actual results:

a) "print" button is blue but vaguely pulsing
b) unresponsive script warning for preference dialog (internal js, NOT page js) is on the page that we attempted to print
c) could not click print (or cancel, or PDF, etc), seemingly because of the script warning
d) could not click stop / continue because the modal print dialog out-modal'ed the top-toast modal
e) interestingly, the combo boxes for printer / quality selection still worked

Expected results:

a) clicking print after installing the printer should have worked

b) OR the script dialog should have greater modal priority, since it appeared second and needed to be addressed before the print dialog could be used


3 years ago
Component: Untriaged → Printing: Setup
Product: Firefox → Core
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