When reviewing article, do not include last contributor into review.



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When I am reviewing an article, a previous revision has been deferred. When trying to review a newer revision, it doesn't matter if I'm deferring or approving, the contributor of the previous of revision is included into the message for the latest revision I want to review. 

eg. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/download-and-install-applications-firefox-os/history
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That's because the revision you are currently reviewing might be based on an older revision, better to err on the side of giving too much credit than too little.

CCing Michael, who would know more.

Also, since you are active in Bugzilla, here's the informal legend for the P values we are using:

P1: needs to get done immediately.
P2: Part of our roadmap backlog. We should spend 75% of our time on this.
P3: Part of our regular backlog. We should spend most of our 25% time on this.
P4: Part of our regular backlog. We should spend a small part of our 25% on this (papercuts).
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CC'ing Joni
Thanks for the cc. I can see how this is an issue, but I'm leaning towards over-informing previous editors. If my revision gets deferred, it'd be helpful to know about other reviews that are based on the same revision. It keeps things transparent, in case a contributor has questions about the process.

If there are any objections though, I'd be happy to hear them.
From my viewpoint, in the past, revisions that were deferred have already been reviewed hence an explanation was given to the contributor about why their edit was not approved. I just don't see why we need to include previous contributors into approval of a newer edit, when the previous contributor has already been notified of their revision.
Fair enough. I don't foresee any problems with this change, so let's keep it on the backlog.
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