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try to claim the domainname mozilla.nl



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4 years ago
6 months ago


(Reporter: Wim, Unassigned)


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4 years ago
We discussed this during the Dutch community meetup in Utrecht this year.
We would like to gather up sites together, but stumbled upon the fact that the domainname mozilla.nl is in use by a person outside of the community.
Not that much of a problem, but sadly enough the site forwards to a forum http://www.mozillaforum.nl/forum/ which is not good at all and a disgrace for mozilla.
The best Dutch forum is on mozbrowser.nl and the communitysite is on mozilla-nl.org.

It will be nice if Mozilla is able to claim and take control on the domainname.


4 years ago
Has anything been done to reach out to the admins of this site?

Could you explain more why it's not good?

Comment 2

4 years ago
Personally, domains trademarked by mozilla outside of the community really annoys me.
Also, the site has adverts and generally doesn't fit under mozilla branding guidelines in any way. They don't even imply that they are under no affiliation with Mozilla.

Wim, I'm happy to work with you to reclaim this domain providing that Deb gives approval. Maybe we could even work out a way to keep their content but move it to our ownership?
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Sure thing, go ahead!
Please keep the bug updated about the negotiated price, before making transactions.

Good luck!
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Taking domains *away* from people is definitely not in the template of what the task force can decide on council's behalf. Where is the precedent? What are the acceptable reasons to have a domain taken away from someone? Is this council or IT policy?

Also, while this person isn't part of the organized NL community, it looks like they are hosting a support forum, and so are part of the larger Mozilla community. We should at the very least ask if this person would be interested in joining the NL community, and that should be done by the NL community.
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4 years ago
Negotiating a price isn't what I will be doing here, and thats something we shouldn't do
My plan of action for this bug is to work with the NL Community to reach out and assist them with that by helping them structure an email.

The *right* way in my opinion for this would be to contact the community, invite them to the community and offer to take ownership of the domain.

If the person refuses this, then I'd start looking at legal implications of them managing the way they do, since they are then refusing to be part of the community and assist our communities in any way which is quite wrong, in my humble opinion, since they are now using Mozilla's brand on a site with adverts (This is Mozilla. No adverts, please!), incorrect design and failure to work with the community to make the site better.

Negotiating for a domain which should be benefitting Mozilla in a way which furthers the manifesto just seems wrong. I'd rather leave the site as-is than do that. At least they're doing something while helps mozilla!

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4 years ago
CC-ing Tim Maks also here, because as far as I know he has been trying to contact the current owner and had some correspondence.
Why it is bad?
- First annoyance, it links through to a second domain, http://www.mozillaforum.nl/forum/
- There is no moderation
- There are ads
- It is old.

It is not our intention to take down the forum, we just want to use the domainname mozilla.nl as a community controlled website.
Of course we can try to get in touch again and we will, some guidance from Mozilla-side would be nice here as Thomas states.
It is on my list to try to contact them again, the last time is years ago. i will report here how it goes.

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4 years ago
@tim, please wait for the guidance from Thomas.
Can you copy/paste the previous thread?
ok, i will have a look if i still have the previous thread in my archive
(In reply to Majken Connor [Kensie] from comment #4)
> Taking domains *away* from people...
Oh my! *claiming* sounded so much better - I got swayed, it seems!

For me it was "Deb, the mozilla.nl doesn't belong to the community - can we go & get it from the owner?" to which my response is "Yes". (I practice myself sometimes, but) I never suggest others people to bully their peers & eat their lunch - if it appeared so (did it?). :P

> it looks like they are hosting a support forum, and so are part of the
> larger Mozilla community.
Not on this domains. It's just forwarded.

> We should at the very least ask if this person would be interested in
> joining the NL community, and that should be done by the NL community.
Good suggestion. My default consideration was, this had been done & failed.

(In reply to Thomas [:Tad] from comment #5)
> Negotiating a price isn't what I will be doing here
Wasn't my suggestion to go & negotiate. My suggestion was, if it end up like that, we shouldn't be in the dark.

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4 years ago
@Tim, can you browse through your old communication to see what has been said in the past?
Has it been any progress on this? Do you need any assistance from Reps council?
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Thanks putting this back to my attention, totally dropped from my list. I can find any old communication in my archive.

I would to reach out to them again to talk about the domain and see if we can come to a agrement.

Is that ok with you Wim (and others)?
Tim - were you able to make any progress on this?
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both sites are not in use anymore and available to buy from them. i just send them a email to ask if we can get mozilla.nl from them. let's see what they want for it
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This is old and you haven't asked for further assistance with this domain so we're closing this bug. If there is still something for us to do please re-open or file a new request if you prefer.
Last Resolved: 10 months ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
Thanks for putting this back on my radar. I did sent them emails to ask how mutch they want for the domein but no response. Maybe someone of you can try it?
Resolution: INCOMPLETE → ---

Comment 18

6 months ago
I checked this site and finally the horrible website is gone. Downside is that the domain is now for sale and shows ads in pop-ups.
What can we do to claim/buy this domain?
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