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Add texture client/host tests for serialization and deserialization


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Let's add some automated testing for all the serialization/deserialization logic.
Tests allocating - serializing - deserializing a MemoryTextureClient with several image formats.

The same test could be run on other texture client types but I need to figure out how to allocate shared memory without all the IPDL stuff.
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A bit of MemoryTextureClient serialization gtest love

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::: gfx/tests/gtest/TestTextures.cpp
@@ +1,1 @@
> +#include "gtest/gtest.h"

License public domain. See TestLayers.cpp

@@ +120,5 @@
> +    gfxASurface::ImageFormatRGB24,
> +    gfxASurface::ImageFormatA8,
> +  };
> +
> +  for (int f = 0; f<3; ++f) {

style f < 3

@@ +121,5 @@
> +    gfxASurface::ImageFormatA8,
> +  };
> +
> +  for (int f = 0; f<3; ++f) {
> +    RefPtr<gfxImageSurface> surface = new gfxImageSurface(gfxIntSize(800,600), formats[f]);

Do we need to test for such a large size? You filling and reading each pixels. We should get the same coverage by testing a much smaller surface.
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Adding the same test for YCbCr surfaces is relatively straightforward, except that right now textureHost::GetAsSurface() will return a surface containing only the Y plane.
GetAsSurface() is only intended for debugging puposes (and now it is also used by the gtest stuff), should I fix it to return an actual RGB surface with YUV->RGB convertion, or should I just consider that testing the equality between the client and host Y planes is sufficient?

Otherwise I can also add a bit of API in TextureHost to retrieve the data in the PlanarYCbCrImage::Data form (which would only ever be used by gtests). It would be a bit ugly because TextureHost doesn't any expose any YCbCr-specific API.
Attached patch Same thing for YCbCr surfaces (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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I have some more gtest stuff coming which reuses some of the helpers so let's move them to their own file.
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Same thing for YCbCr surfaces

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I'm ok with the test but would like to avoid shipping test code. Tentative r- unless you can convince me this is ok/worth it.

::: gfx/layers/composite/TextureHost.cpp
@@ +456,5 @@
>    return true;
>  }
> +bool
> +BufferTextureHost::GetYCbCrData(PlanarYCbCrData& aData)

Do you plan on using this method later on in release code? Otherwise maybe you can put this code in TestTexture.cpp in a new class and make it a friend. If that's not possible we can put everything under #ifdef DEBUG and have the test only run in debug builds.

::: gfx/layers/composite/TextureHost.h
@@ +452,5 @@
>    virtual gfx::IntSize GetSize() const MOZ_OVERRIDE { return mSize; }
>    virtual already_AddRefed<gfxImageSurface> GetAsSurface() MOZ_OVERRIDE;
> +  virtual bool GetYCbCrData(PlanarYCbCrData& aOutData) MOZ_OVERRIDE;

Also this adds a vtable entry.
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Regroup some common gtest texture helper functions

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You forgot to hg add LayersTestUtils.h
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Attachment #812858 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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Same thing for YCbCr surfaces (v2)

Review of attachment 815012 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: gfx/layers/composite/TextureHost.cpp
@@ +17,5 @@
>  #include "mozilla/layers/YCbCrImageDataSerializer.h"
>  #include "nsAString.h"
>  #include "nsAutoPtr.h"                  // for nsRefPtr
>  #include "nsPrintfCString.h"            // for nsPrintfCString
> +#include "ImageContainer.h"

Shouldn't be required here.

::: gfx/layers/composite/TextureHost.h
@@ +47,5 @@
>  class TextureSourceD3D11;
>  class TextureSourceBasic;
>  class TextureParent;
>  class DataTextureSource;
> +class PlanarYCbCrData;

Shouldn't be required here.
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Regroup some common gtest texture helper functions (v2)

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::: gfx/tests/gtest/LayerTestUtils.h
@@ +22,5 @@
> +class Compositor;
> +
> +Compositor* CreateCompositor(LayersBackend aBakend, nsIWidget* aWidget);
> +
> +/// fills the surface with values betwee 0 and 100.

between* here and bellow
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No activity here for a long while and I don't plan to work on this so let's consider the stuff that's already landed is enough.
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