- geocities (yahoo) pagebuilder uses alt text for "screen tip"



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17 years ago
I noticed on that the image links
use alt text for tooltips.  Since the page doesn't make much sense unless you
can see the tooltips, this is a big problem.  I asked Joan to replace each alt=
with title=, she said she had created the page using Yahoo! PageBuilder.  So I
tried out PageBuilder, and sure enough, it had a "screen tip" field for images,
and the field was mapped to alt text.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Get a free GeoCities account.
2. Get PageBuilder working.  I was only able to do this in IE, after installing
Java and then allowing Yahoo to install an ActiveX control on my system.
3. Insert an image into a page using PageBuilder.
4. Type some text in the "screen tip" box.
5. Hit the "Preview" button.
6. View Source.

Result: the "screen tip" is alt text.  (Alt text shows as a tooltip in NS4 and
IE but not in Mozilla.)
Expected: the "screen tip" should be in a title attribute.  (Title text shows as
a tooltip in IE and NS6 but not in NS4.)

Other problems with PageBuilder:
- It thinks Netscape 4 is "an old version of AOL's browser" and recommends that
you upgrade.
- It thinks Mozilla doesn't support Java (both before and after I installed Java).
- It uses absolute positioning for *everything*.  I couldn't figure out how to
use it to make a normal page with paragraphs.

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16 years ago
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16 years ago
I was able to use Page Builder in a 1.0 build of Mozilla, and Java loaded fine
(Page Builder is a Java applet). 

It created my screen tip as: alt="this is a tip" which did not show up when I
moused over the image. 

Are you suggesting that Yahoo needs to add browser sniffing and then either show
screen tips via an alt tag or a title tag depending on the visitor's browser? I
don't see that happening, if so, in the short run anyway.

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16 years ago
No, they should just use the title attribute for tooltips.  Or better yet, they
could remove the feature, since it encourages their users to use the tooltips in
a way that forces visitors to hover over specific parts of a page in order to
the page's content.

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15 years ago
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15 years ago
I notice pagebuilder also creates sites like this that are unreadable in firebird:
is the sitebuilder still broken ?
Geocities is shutting down.

Does this need to be fixed...?
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