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mach test should detect test flavor, run appropriate test suite automatically


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mach test currently supports running test suites only. My vision for this command is for it to facilitate running any test just by specifying its name or path. The command will figure out the "flavor" of the test and run the appropriate suite automatically (probably via native mach command dispatch (bug 913231)).

Now that bug 901990 has landed, we should be able to write out metadata during traversal describing the flavor of each test. Then, mach test could simply read in a machine-readable file and deduce the flavor of the requested test.
Duplicate of this bug: 1013560
I've actively working on this.
Assignee: nobody → gps
A subsequent patch will have another mach command dispatch into
`xpcshell-test`. To avoid redundant resolution of test paths, we now
support passing resolved test objects into the mach command.
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Similar to the previous patch, we now teach `mach mochitest` how to
execute test objects directly.
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With this change, mach test can now resolve filename arguments to tests
and can dispatch to the appropriate mach commands.

If the arguments contain tests belonging to multiple test
suites/flavors, each relevant test in invoked.
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