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[tracker] Add true geolocation data to mozillians profiles


(Participation Infrastructure :: Phonebook, defect)

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(Reporter: hoosteeno, Assigned: sancus)


(Depends on 2 open bugs, Blocks 3 open bugs)


(Whiteboard: [Triage 2015-04-17][kb=1496815] )

We should replace the strings that currently stand for geographic data with true geographic data. This is a big change, and likely includes at least the following:

* Prevent people from adding region before country; prevent people from adding city before region (if region exists) or country (if region does not exist).
* Prepopulate country dropdown from a list of actual countries
* Prepopulate region dropdown from a list of actual regions in selected country
* Propopulate city dropdown from a list of actual cities in selected region or country
* Refresh those lists regularly from a reliable source of geographic data
* Do not require region/city
* On profile save, lookup lat/long of selected location and store in hidden profile field
* Figure out how to migrate existing string data -- probably geocode strings, then reverse geocode (or equivalent) to get canonical location names, then blank out non-geocodable location strings, then urge people to review location 

This bug will track the effort. We can add the above (and others) as bugs when we undertake this effort.

This bug replaces bug 838744, which is poorly specified, and takes on its blockers and dependencies.
Duplicate of this bug: 838744
Duplicate of this bug: 838766
Here is one example of a source of the geographic data necessary to prepopulate dropdowns and such:
Depends on: 924435
See Also: → 873789
Depends on: 976327
Depends on: 976329
Depends on: 976330
Depends on: 976332
Depends on: 976336
Depends on: 976337
Depends on: 976338
Depends on: 976341
Assignee: nobody → wbowling
Assignee: wbowling → nobody
Assignee: nobody → sancus
See Also: → 994927
Depends on: 1024971
Depends on: 1025093
Depends on: 1025893
Depends on: 1029326
Depends on: 1029100
Depends on: 1030929
Whiteboard: [kb=1496815]
Whiteboard: [kb=1496815] → [Triage 2015-04-17][kb=1496815]
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