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5 years ago
Even though there is a line of bugs (some major, some minor) that blocks bug 913806 (=turn the new cache on on all products) there could actually be none that would block turning it on on mobile right now.

The two major bugs we need to fix before turning the new cache on:

913808 - evict when over the disk capacity limit
  * we don't need to fix this one for android since we use the context cache directory to store the cache files ; if Mark can confirm that the system deletes the files itself when the storage is running out of space, then we don't need any eviction algorithm in the product

920573 - delete the cache at shutdown when user sets "Never remember history"
  * fennec has no such option, so we can just ignore this bug



5 years ago
Summary: Turn the new HTTP cache on by default on mobile → Turn the new HTTP cache on by default on mobile now
I'm a little hesitant to fill up space to the point where Android forces a cache-clearing.

Brian: Can you get some info on how Android deals with the cache folder?
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Looking at http://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/Context.html#getCacheDir%28%29, the docs say, in bold: "Note: you should not rely on the system deleting these files for you; you should always have a reasonable maximum, such as 1 MB, for the amount of space you consume with cache files, and prune those files when exceeding that space.". So we do need our own eviction algorithm, even when using Android's cache directory.
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5 years ago
Sounds like we need to wait for cache eviction then.  Honza/Michal, reopen if I'm wrong.
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