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"Modo seguro de Firefox" (safe mode) dialog uses "Reiniciar" instead of "Restablecer" on the Reset Firefox button


(Mozilla Localizations :: es-ES / Spanish, defect)

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(firefox25 affected, firefox26 verified, firefox27 verified)

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firefox25 --- affected
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(Reporter: Aleksej, Assigned: rpmdisguise-nave)


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(Keywords: dataloss, ux-consistency, ux-error-prevention, Whiteboard: [testday-20130927][bugday-20131002])

1. Choose Ayuda → Reiniciar con los complementos desactivados…
-> A dialog "Reiniciar con los complementos desactivados" appears, saying:
  ¿Seguro que quiere desactivar todos los complementos y reiniciar?
  [Cancelar] [Reiniciar]

2. Press [Reiniciar].
-> Firefox closes, a dialog "Modo seguro de Firefox" appears.
The dialog talks about safe mode, saying that it disables add-ons and settings temporarily.  The last paragraph mentions the Reset Firefox feature (not the "restablecer"):

  También puede restablecer Firefox si quiere empezar con un perfil nuevo.

Then there are two buttons (note that both use the "iniciar" stem):

[Reiniciar Firefox]  [Iniciar en Modo seguro]

In English, the buttons are [Reset Firefox]  [Start in Safe Mode].

3. Press [Reiniciar Firefox].
-> A dialog "Restablecer Firefox" appears.  It uses the word "restablecer" all three times.

Actual results:

 The window in step 2 uses "Reiniciar Firefox" for Reset Firefox.
 * I haven't read the whole text before it, and thought "Reiniciar" was "Restart", as that is consistent with "Iniciar" for "Start" and "Reiniciar" in the reset of the UI (Safe Mode, about:addons).
 * The text before the button and the next window use "restablecer" for "reset".

 The confusion can lead to dataloss (although the data are copied into the current user's desktop directory, none of the dialogs mention that; and it's probably not very easy to restore the data after you find it).  The window in step 3 lists what data Firefox will try to keep, and warns that everything else will be deleted, but it is not clear why it should be dangerous after just reading "Reiniciar".

Expected results:

 "Reset" is translated differently from "Restart" everywhere, e.g. the window in step 2 uses "Restablecer" and not "Reiniciar" for the first button.
Assignee: nobody → rpmdisguise-otros
Component: Localization → es-ES / Spanish
Product: Core → Mozilla Localizations
Version: 25 Branch → unspecified
Thanks for the report, fixed in Aurora:

Once I see how it looks, I will replicate it in Central.
Reviewed in Aurora, the change is OK, so replicated in Central:

Closing bug. Thanks again for reporting, Aleksej.
Thanks, verified with:;
I hope it is OK to set the tracking flags.

Not sure about this one:
about:welcomeback in English says "Nightly successfully reset your profile.", in Spanish "Firefox ha reiniciado con éxito su perfil."
Whiteboard: [testday-20130927] → [testday-20130927][bugday-20131002]
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
(In reply to Aleksej [:Aleksej] from comment #3)
> Not sure about this one:
> about:welcomeback in English says "Nightly successfully reset your
> profile.", in Spanish "Firefox ha reiniciado con éxito su perfil."

I changed it in Aurora but not in Central, done now:

Thanks for your comment, I would have missed it otherwise.
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