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5 years ago
BMO has a number of Product items whose names being with "Firefox": Firefox, Firefox for Android, Firefox for Metro, Firefox Affiliates, etc.

If you have a list of bugs and sort them by Product, they all just show up as "Firefox" (which I assume is for brevity). But the problem is that the sort order does not seem to be using the full product name. So within the sorted list, bugs in the cluster of "Firefox" are randomly ordered for the full product name. That makes it hard to look at a bug list and see how it breaks down by Product.

Here's a list of bugs from https://blog.mozilla.org/community/2013/09/16/firefox-24-new-contributors/ which demonstrates the problem:


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5 years ago
This is not surprising. The JS code used in bmo to sort columns uses strings displayed in columns. So it has no way to know what the full strings are unless it starts looking at the tooltip associated with each value. The tooltips contain the full strings.
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