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Steps to reproduce:

System: Linux Fedora 17 / openSuSE 12.1

1. Right-Click on the whole group of bookmarks' folders, and in contextual menu select 'Erase'
2. Apply the 'erase' command

Actual results:

After Firefox has begun to erase the bookmarks, the contextual menu doesn't disappear (as it should, and as it did - at least, until the 21.x release). What's worse, it continues to 'stick' there, in the very first place, and superimposes itself onto every other window possibly open in every other desktop. The issue obviously disappears as soon as the bookmarks have been deleted.

Expected results:

As it has always happened, and as it surely has happened until the 21.x release, I expected at least that the 'bookmarks erasing' process leaves the contextual menu free of disappearing right after the 'delete' command ha been issued.

Comment 1

5 years ago
Are you sure about the regression? If not, could you download and test old versions of Firefox (v19-20 and v21) to confirm your supposition.

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Comment 2

5 years ago
Of course, I'm definitely sure. Actually, as it probably shows, I'm writing this reply from Firefox 21.0, where everything works as before. That is, the contextual menu correctly disappears as soon as the 'erase bookmarks' process begins: and (which I suspect is directly correlated to the first issue) the 'download completed' message pops up in the bottom right corner of the desktop, instead of in the top right corner, where it interferes with the resize / minimize buttons of the currently open window.

On 21.0, then, it works. On 24.0, it doesn't :)


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5 years ago
Could you disable HWA in Firefox (restart it to apply) and test again.

Comment 4

5 years ago
Already done. I do it by default as soon as I install any new version (since, quite usually, I have machines which are either non-accelerated, or not equipped with 'bleeding edge' GPUs).

Already done: and it doesn't work. Or, better: it didn't, for now I've re-switched to the 21.0 release, which instead keeps on working very good for me :)


Comment 5

5 years ago
Okay, so there is a possible regression since FF22.

As you're able to reproduce it, can you install the tool mozregression to find a possible regression range, please (see for details).

You can use a testing profile with mozreg (with a sample bookmark folder). FF22 nightlies started in Feb. 2013 (--good=2013-02-01).

NB: don't forget to clear the needinfo? flag when you're replying. ;)
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5 years ago
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Comment 6

5 years ago
Yes... sorry for that, Loic. You know, this was my first time here on bugzilla ;D

However, to get back to the point: no, I can't (and I don't want to). Sorry.

Consider this: I'm just an 'end-user' who, about ten days days ago, has decided to give a try to the new 24.0, and has found that it doesn't work. The very place where it doesn't, and the technical detail which doesn't, are all in all quite marginal: just figure, a contextual menu which doesn't disappear... =_~

Since, however, it's obnoxious to have that contextual menu stuck around everywhere - perhaps over the LibreOffice window where you are in the meantime writing some piece of work - I've thought I could do some favour to the community and warn about this malfunctioning. A malfunctioning which, in my opinion, looks definitety like a bug, because it's reproducible 'ad libitum'. Notice, please, by the way, that my bookmarks (i.e., as far as I've understood, the 'places.sqlite' file) are very heavy.Notice, also, that I have - as I repeat - a quite up-to-date machine with a quite recent system (as I said: Fedora 17 and openSUSE 12.1): so, it's rather improbable that this issue has been produced by some old graphical library, and the like.

That's all, as regards myself. I repeat: I have fallen back on the 21.0 release, which SURELY WORKS. As for the 24.x, it's up to you, the developers (I imagine that you are one... else, sorry ^_^ ), to see if there is a real 'illness' behind the 'symptom' I've warned you about. I'm very very sorry... but I don't want to be a 'beta tester' and install an 'interactive regression range finder for Firefox nightlies' which needs to be used via CLI and to be installed by 'sudo apt-get install python-pip / sudo pip install mozregression'... which, under Fedora, I guess it would sound like 'sudo yum install python-pip / sudo pip install mozregression'... but it's just a guess ;)

I've put, so to speak, my message in the bottle: now, it's up to you (and I mean, again, THE DEVELOPERS...)

Cheers, and PEACE :)


Comment 7

5 years ago
Firefox 21 is unsafe and has many security exploits. In addition, it's not supported anymore by Mozilla (or Linux vendors).

So if you don't want to give more details to narrow down the possible regression, don't be expected to see the bug fixed in the future.
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