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5 years ago
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5 years ago
For my workflow, it'd be great to have the opportunity to have a set of developer tools open at the same time, without them being regarded as different entities.

I want to develop something in the Scratchpad and see its output in the Web Console. I'd like them to be handled as "one entity", so that if I switch to another task and then go back to the tab where I'm working, both the Scratchpad and the Web Console are opened.

At the moment, I'm forced to reopen the Scratchpad window (and also the Browser Console window, if I'm using it) every time (by "reopen" I mean "give focus and bring on the foreground").
As I'm forced to do so, there's no advantage in using the Scratchpad. If it was more integrated, I'd have a single workspace and wouldn't need an external code editor.
For remote targets there's actually a Scratchpad tab in the toolbox that seems like it would fulfill these requirements. Is this what you're thinking of (though presumably not just for remote targets)?
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5 years ago
I was thinking more of something like giving users the opportunity to rearrange the tools as they want, like an IDE.
For example, I'd like the scratchpad opened and the console at the bottom. Someone else could prefer another arrangement.

Having a scratchpad tab in the toolbox would improve the situation, because at least I wouldn't have to switch between windows too much (but I'd still need to switch between toolbox tabs).
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