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Filter of Object Inspector (Web Developer Tools) doesn't work on hidden properties/methods




Developer Tools: Object Inspector
4 years ago
4 years ago


(Reporter: Thierry Régagnon, Unassigned)


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4 years ago
- Go to a web page
- Inspect the window global object (enter "window" in the console, click on the output)
- Maybe you want to easily jump to the "visible" property of the "statusBar" property of the window object (which you curently inspect)
- You start to type in the filter search field "visible", but our property doesn't appear.
- Reset the search field. Now type "statusBar", and open the object, to see the "visible" property.
- Reset one more time the filter search field, and type one more type "visible". This time our property shows up.

It seems you can only search within what has already been displayed in the panel. 
Once it has already been displayed, it doesn't need to be currently displayed to work

The filter search field should work on all properties/methods of all properties of the current inspected object. Even if the properties/methods are hidden, or have never been shown during the object inspection.
This happens because the properties are lazily fetched, so their existence is unknown while filtering. Once they've been fetched, they obey filtering rules normally.

This is done for a number of reasons, one of which is the performance cost of doing too many round trips to fetch properties of properties of properties etc. There's also the issue of "when to stop?". How many levels deep should the search be?

However, maybe allowing a one level deep fetch of all properties might be ok? Or moving part of the search mechanism on the server and having a specific protocol request for this, defining search nesting etc.? Mihai, what do you think?
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Hardware: x86 → All
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