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5 years ago
I propose that we put all of our javascript into an internal VCS that ships with Firefox by default, and that we surface the ability to see and change all of that in our developer tools.

Then, I propose we have buttons somewhere that let you:
- Restart with your changes
- Rollback one commit
- Rollback to stock 
- Export a patch
and, if relevant
- Push to a try server.

This is a big thing, I know, but it speaks to a number of different issues that I value very highly, including dramatically lowering barriers to participation in our codebase.
I think we should prototype this as an add-on that keeps track of patch files and uses a registered chrome.manifest file to override any patched files. I'm not sure we should build a fully-featured "live" VCS into default Firefox builds.

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5 years ago
I don't think it should be a "fully featured" VCS - just a linear set of changes, and the ability to roll them back. We don't need anything network-distributed or changeset merging or anything, just the ability to roll changes back.
omni.jar exists to address performance concerns, switching to a VCS would regress that.

This would be fine to experiment with as an addon, but I don't think it's realistic to make this change in Firefox until a lot more work has been done.
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