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Steps to reproduce:

Create a simple app that creates an inline web worker using code from a string.
I then attach a listener to the worker's message output and start the worker.

Actual results:

Nothing happens when testing on a real device (Keon running v1.1)  When running in the simulator it works correctly.  Also for reference, Chrome Apps also permit this usage of web workers.

I assume there is some kind of CSP related error, but I can't see it anywhere.

Expected results:

The real device should have worked like the simulator and output a message to the screen.


4 years ago
Component: General → DOM: Workers
Product: Boot2Gecko → Core
This sounds like a Simulator bug. Myk, where should this go?
Component: DOM: Workers → General
Product: Core → Boot2Gecko

Comment 2

4 years ago
Are you not supposed to be able to use inline workers in privileged apps?  If you are, then the bug isn't in the simulator, but the actual device image.

Having this feature enables a whole class of extensible apps.  This is why I'm exploring it.
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