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Please increase the buildbot timeout for builds


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I've been trying very hard to get try results for my patches in bug 915735 but I keep hitting either of the 7200 second or the 16200 second timeout that seems to be imposed by buildbot on build jobs.  I've ran out of ideas to work around this without increasing the timeout on buildbot, please see an example of my efforts here: <>.

Ben, is there any chance that you can bump up that limit at least temporarily?  We can being it back down if bug 915735 proves to be infeasible...

I think all I need is an additional half an hour on both of those timeouts, (maybe an hour to be safe?)  It basically depends on how stringent we want to be on these limits.  :-)

Thanks a lot!
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OK, so this is the idle timeout (not the maximum step time), which is not terribly difficult to adjust, but doing so does cause eat extra slave time on real runaway jobs. However, it looks like you should be able to get a little noisy in or to work around this. In fact, I think the most recent build on that Try job does that already?

If there's actual useful status that could be printed from time to time that might be better from a debugging standpoint too.

If we need to bump up the time we can, but I think there's a better way here.
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He was also hitting max time, wasn't he, "command timed out: 16200 seconds elapsed, attempting to kill"?
Seems so. I didn't expect all of the logs to have different errors....
I don't need this any longer.
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