Popups should only steal focus from the current tab if the current tab is the one who spawned the popup




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5 years ago
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Discussion via IRC:

<mcomella> ibarlow: If a popup tries to open, should it open over any open tab?
<mcomella> As in, even if the tab you're currently on is not the one trying to spawn the popup?
<mcomella> That's what we currently do but I wonder if it's the correct behavior
<ibarlow> hm that's a good question. I can see that being correct if your current tab is the one that spawns the popup. But if it's a background tab… I'm not sure we should take the user away from their current context
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^ needinfo on a definitive answer as to whether or not this is the expected behavior.
An idea: Perhaps we want to label popups in the tabs tray so if the tab gets opened as a background tab, it is at least obvious why this new tab is here.
Yeah, I still feel that what we discussed should be the behaviour. Popups from background tabs should not steal focus.
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