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Commit Access (Level 1) for Nigel Babu


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Nigel is being mentored to become a community sheriff - many of the things I wish to cover with him require an LDAP account (and eventually level 3 commit access, but let's deal with that later, in another bug).

Please create an LDAP account/level 1 commit access account with username nigelbabu at gmail dot com

Nigel, please can you follow the rest of the steps at (eg attach ssh key and email a photo of your committers agreement to Shannon).
In Bug 760150, where I requested access for the first time, I'd already attached my SSH key and had sent across the committers agreement. The bug also has confirmation that Erica McClure received my signed committer's agreement. Should this step be repeated?
Can you reattach your ssh key here?

Shannon can you confirm that Nigel has a form on file?
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Summary: Level 1 commit access for Nigel Babu → Commit Access (Level 1) for Nigel Babu
Attached file ssh-key
Adding ssh key.
Marcia can you help with this so we can try get Nigel commit to help with sheriffing?
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I've just emailed Shannon a picture of a newly signed Committer's Agreement. Hopefully this should speed things up.
I have received the form.
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Over to server-ops for L1 access.
Assignee: mozillamarcia.knous → server-ops
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I know le shish will have a tremendous pleasure to fix this bug.
Assignee: server-ops → ashish
I'm not sure we should be giving this guy access ;)
We need to confirm it's the "real" nigelb.
(In reply to Shyam Mani [:fox2mike] from comment #10)
> We need to confirm it's the "real" nigelb.

It's not it's ashish :-)
taking from ashish at nigel's request
Assignee: ashish → ludovic
Account created.

added to cn=scm_level_1,ou=groups,dc=mozilla
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Thanks Ludovic!
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