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(Whiteboard: [Triage 2015-04-17][kb=1566332] )

We should enable boolean and phrase searching in Mozillians. Specifically...

* We should default to searching for terms joined by an implict "OR", meaning search results will match any of the terms in the search box, and we should throw away any instances of "OR" (a case-sensitive keyword) in search terms
* We should allow people to use "AND" (a case-sensitive keyword) to constrain search results to those matching both the term on the immediate left and the term on the immediate right of the keyword
* We should allow people to use single or double quotes to search for phrases

We'll probably uncover/fix some search bugs as we go; for example, see a) below.

This feature will be working when...

a) these searches return the same results, and the results include both "hoosteeno" and "mbrandt" (and not much else):

b) this search returns only results that match both "hoosteeno" and "mbrandt" (probably zero matches):

c) this search only returns results that match both "hoosteeno" and "boulder" (probably only one match):

d) this search only returns "mbrandt": 

e) this search returns "mbrandt" and "hoosteeno":
Blocks: 898578
Depends on: 907933

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4 years ago
Developer Relations is interested in this feature, to support our needs for finding speakers. E.g., "Speakers AND Peru AND (Ruby OR HTML5)" to find a speaker for a Rails conference in Lima.
Whiteboard: [kb=1566332]
Blocks: 865040
No longer blocks: 898578
Whiteboard: [kb=1566332] → [Triage 2015-04-17][kb=1566332]
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