Need to differentiate b2g and b2g desktop in mochitest manifests



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Right now b2g uses the old .json manifest format for excluding mochitests. B2G desktop uses the same file, which means we can't disable a test on one platform without doing the other. We need to either create a separate .json for b2g desktop, or switch to using the .ini format.

Joel, I know you landed the manifests for mochitest patch, is there a bug tracking converting to the new format?
Joel estimates that getting the initial manifests built out could take a month or more. For now I'll just create a separate b2g-desktop.json and work with that.
to get this in the short term, lets create a new .json file.  About 25-33% of the mochitest makefiles are converted to mochitest.ini formats and are being consumed by the build system now.  Once those are fully converted, we can make the test runners use these, I imagine it would take a week or so to get the entire test infrastructure using manifests once they are fully implemented.
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Oops, forgot to add the manifest to the Makefile in the last patch.
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