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MozSwipeGesture event no longer fires when no browser back history


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Steps to reproduce:

Since Firefox 23 (or maybe earlier), the MozSwipeGesture event no longer fires, if there is no "back" history in the tab. This breaks the functionality of the "Back To Close" addon:

Previously, with the "Back To Close" addon installed, doing a trackpad swipe gesture on Mac OS X to go back (browser.gesture.swipe.left), when there is no further "back" history, would close the tab, as per the intended functionality of the addon.

Actual results:

Since at least FF23, nothing happens anymore. I have confirmed through testing that the addon receives the MozSwipeGesture event when there is a "back" history. However, when there is no "back" history, the event is no longer generated by Firefox, thus breaking the addon.

Expected results:

The "Back To Close" addon should function normally, receiving the MozSwipeGesture event when there is no "back" history, and closing the tab.

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