Geeksphone Keon runs out of power within 24 hours



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5 years ago
I'm not sure if this is an issue with the Geeksphone Keon (or only this particular phone), the OS, but with a freshly installed FirefoxOS 1.2 OS on this Keon device, no simcard in it and only wifi enabled, the phone has no power left after 24 hours. Something is draining battery power massively.

This is with a build from

Some numbers here:
100% charged at 11:33pm
97% charged at 12:37pm
81% charged at 3:00am
75% charged at 5:50am
22% charged at 4:07pm
17% charged at 7:12 pm
8:57pm shut down as soon as I tried to read the battery status

So within 22 hours, and apart from reading the battery status not using the device, the battery is empty.


5 years ago
Keywords: perf
OS: Mac OS X → Gonk (Firefox OS)
Hardware: x86 → ARM
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I can have a look at this most likely first thing next week. I'll be getting the new PCBs for the Keon harness on Friday (reference bug 937833), and assuming everything works I'll be good to run a power test on my Keon on Monday.


5 years ago
Depends on: 937833
I can definitely correlate that my Keon, with the screen off and idling, with wifi enabled (and connected to my router) and no sim card, seems to very between consuming 17 mA for 25 seconds, and then about 85 mA for abour 65 seconds. My Keon is running 1.0.1, so clearly this behavior is not something new. I will update my Keon to 1.2 (on Friday) and run the power test again.
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Screenshot of ammeter software

This screenshot shows the transition from ~85mA down to ~17mA for about 25 seconds, and then cycling back up to ~85mA again.

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5 years ago
I think this is wfm nowadays, this presumably got fixed by bug 917070.
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5 years ago
Jon please confirm if this is really fixed using the FxOS Powertool:
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Screenshot from 1.5

Ammeter showing screen-off, sleeping power usage is still way too high
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This is definitely not fixed in current 1.5/master. I'm still seeing the same cycling between ~15 and ~85 mA (see attachment), which is problematic in two ways:

- the 85mA cycles are long, and consume a huge amount of power
- the sleep power usage should be < 1mA (like the Hamachi)
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5 years ago
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I'm not sure this is blocked on, but certainly related to Bug 989715, Bug 995301, and Bug 995311.
This test was run with wifi turned off, and no sim card. I'm going to run the profiler with the ammeter and see if I can figure out what's happening.
So, it appears that this is not CPU-related, which means it isn't a process that is running in the background and thus consuming power. Given that, this must be some piece of hardware on the phone that is consuming this power. I enabled airplane mode, and power usage dropped to ~0.2 mA, so that means this must be RIL related.
So interestingly, with an no-longer-active SIM card inserted, and airplane mode turned off, the behavior is similar to no SIM card, except instead of cycling between 85 and 15 mA, it cycles between 85 and 0.2 mA.
As a further piece of information, when the phone has been on for ~10 minutes, the cycling pattern is happening with ~30 seconds of low power draw, followed by ~45 seconds of high power draw.
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5 years ago
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This bug is ancient and unlikely to produce any useful results at this point.
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