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5 years ago
I plan to do this based on the SPDY unit tests:, but using node-http2 instead of node-spdy.
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5 years ago
We will need node 0.10 for this on the testing infrastructure. What version is there now? If there was no update since the SPDY testing bug landed, it's 0.7 I guess.

In this case, I'll file a bug for the upgrade. Node-spdy and the spdy unit tests seem to work fine with 0.10 on my machine, and there are precompiled node 0.10 binaries available so the upgrade shouldn't be too difficult.
We've upgraded once since the SPDY tests landed, but I think we're still at 0.8.something on the test slaves, so we'll definitely need an upgrade. For current testing purposes (not to land in m-c, but so you can work on your patches), just commit a binary to the tree next to, and modify to look for that binary instead of looking in MOZ_NODE_PATH. I think we should hold off on the node upgrade until we can get a version of node that supports ALPN deployed (no need to make releng upgrade twice when we can work around it for now)

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5 years ago
Created attachment 819501 [details] [diff] [review]

I followed your advice and committed the binary so that I can do try build, one build should be ready soon.

Good news: there _is_ a recent fork of node that supports ALPN:, so we can use that immediately. It works fine for me, although I'm sure it still needs more work to be completely stable. For example, it breaks node-spdy, since if the client supports ALPN, then the server ignores NPN, so node-spdy cannot negotiate SPDY, but I have a patch for that.

I attached the first version of the HTTP2 unit test patches. I used git ( and hg in parallel, so I it's possible that that the patch is in the appropriate format or broken in some other ways.

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5 years ago
Created attachment 819502 [details] [diff] [review]
Part 2 - xpcshell harness support for running the node-http2 server

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5 years ago
Created attachment 819503 [details] [diff] [review]
Part 3 - basic unit tests for HTTP2.

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5 years ago
The tests as they are now pass, but I had two interesting observations:

1. When doing the multiplexing test, Firefox opens two parallel HTTP2 connections for the two streams.
   In node-http2 this is solved like this:

   1.1. If there's multiple requests for the same host, but there's no completely ready TLS connection yet, then
   1.2. Initiate a new TLS connection
   1.3. When one of the TLS connections finish, and negotiate HTTP2,
        then close every other opened connection, and use this one to send all the requests
   1.4. When one of the TLS connections finish, and doesn't negotiate HTTP2,
        then leave all of them open and do HTTP/1.1 requests on the opened connections in parallel

2. The large post test fails when the server turns of flow control, but works when the server uses flow control.
   It seems that Firefox waits for the server to send WINDOW_UPDATEs, even if the server turns off flow control.
   To reproduce this, comment out line 162 of moz-http2.js

So these tests are simple ports of the SPDY tests, but I plan to integrate in the future. For this, the test case have to access the output of the test server, since the test server determines of the client's behaviour is spec conformant or not. I think it would be better to let the test cases start the appropriate server (in case of spdy and these http2 tests too) instead of the test runner framework. What do you think?
(In reply to Gábor Molnár from comment #7)
>    It seems that Firefox waits for the server to send WINDOW_UPDATEs, even
> if the server turns off flow control.
>    To reproduce this, comment out line 162 of moz-http2.js

thanks for this - I've had this bug before in spdy/3 :(

The issue is a race condition - if the stream is already paused due to flow control then the SETTINGS frame does not unpause it in the way that normal window_updates would. If the stream wasn't paused when the SETTINGS frame arrived then everything would be ok (it would never get paused).

the good news is that is exactly why I added that test! so you can revert the {} setting in moz-http2.

My change is in a pull request for nick's tree.. and its here too:
gabor this is pretty awesome.. can you open a pull to get it into nick's gittree? We can leave this open as part of the review process of getting it into m-c

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5 years ago
Created attachment 822223 [details] [diff] [review]
Part 2 - xpcshell harness support for running the node-http2 server

Sure, I've just opened a pull request! I will also keep the patches in sync (it turned out to be easier than I thought).
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