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>>Project/Request Title:
Banner Ads for DevCon5

>>Project Overview:
As part of Mozilla's sponsorship package for DevCon5 (Dec 10-11 in Los Angeles/Universal City, CA) this year, we have the opportunity to run banner ads on the event website, as well as their HTML5 news site (   

The objective is to support the promotion of learning about and contributing apps to the Firefox Marketplace.

>>Creative Specs & Deliverables:
Banner sizes are in 3 sizes:
1. 728 x 90 Leaderboard
2. 125 x 600 Skyscraper
3. 300 x 250 Ad Box 

File sizes up to 100kb are accepted, but they suggest staying at 40kb or below to keep page load delays to a minimum. Each banner will be directed to a specific URL,  

Each of the files may be sent in the following formats:
- *ash (.swf )
- jpeg
- gif
- png

>>Launch Date:

>>Creative Due Date:

>>Mozilla Goal:
Firefox Marketplace

>>Points of Contact:

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Created attachment 816781 [details]

Further information about banner ad details.

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5 years ago
Event is for a developer audience, so anything to do with the blueprint fox or "Be the Future" is preferred.


5 years ago
Due Date: 2013-12-10 → 2013-12-03

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5 years ago
Hi Robyn, 

I wanted to confirm that these ads will not be needed before 12/3, as I'm looking at sourcing right now.

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5 years ago
Assigning this over to Matt. However, this is a low priority right now until we get a little bit closer to the due date.
Assignee: jbalaco → mternoway

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5 years ago
Hi Jennifer, Yes that is correct. The only additional benefit of having them before then is pre-show advertising, which is not one of our goals for this event.

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5 years ago
To reuse assets from bug 934740. 

This article ad box (336 x 280) will need to be resized to fit the 300 x 250 ad box, if possible

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5 years ago
Are we good to use the blue print banners that were created for WebRTC? Is this conference promoting Firefox OS as well as Marketplace?


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Created attachment 8339051 [details]

Hi Jennifer - No we are not, both bugs need Firefox as the main component, not Firefox OS. Could we potentially use this design?
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5 years ago
Unfortunately the blueprint design cannot be used for Firefox. It's Firefox OS specific. 

John, maybe you can weigh in on using the attached "Doing good" image as the start for these banners. My initial instinct is no. Since your focus is actually on Marketplace and the audience is HTML5 developers it seems like that should be the direction for the banners.

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5 years ago
(In reply to Jennifer Balaco from comment #9)
> Unfortunately the blueprint design cannot be used for Firefox. It's Firefox
> OS specific. 

Good call. That's correct.

> John, maybe you can weigh in on using the attached "Doing good" image as the
> start for these banners. My initial instinct is no. Since your focus is
> actually on Marketplace and the audience is HTML5 developers it seems like
> that should be the direction for the banners.

Agreed - that doesn't seem like the right focus for these. Robyn, if we're going to be pushing the Marketplace I would recommend checking in with Sakina about the CTA (at minimum) and potentially any messaging as well. I'd feel better doing this with some direction coming from her. Can you have that conversation and then post the info here?

The timing is a concern, though. Given the holiday we don't have much time before 12/3 - can we add a couple of days to that?

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5 years ago
Sure thing - my thought was to keep things general, but focusing the ads on Marketplace makes total sense. I've pinged Sakina for her input and will update the thread once I hear back. 

The event itself is Dec 10, so as long as the ads are done by Dec 9 latest it should be fine.


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5 years ago
Hi Robyn, 

Did you hear back from Sakina yet? It would be good to get any direction so that Matt can get started on design.

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5 years ago
Hi Jennifer,

I heard back but Sakina was asking for the audience makeup. Haven't had any direction following that yet though.

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5 years ago
Hi Jen,

Below is what I received from Sakina. I'm guessing we keep "develop in HTML5" since these are ads that shouldn't have much text?

"Hey Robyn,

Below are some developer-focused messages. They are a little detailed, sorry! The gist of it is "Develop in HTML5" - the reasons being cheaper, faster, greenfield opportunity. Let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss.

1. HTML5 is the cheapest, fastest way to go multi-platform

Based on common web standards, you won’t have to learn or hire experts in proprietary technologies. Write an app in HTML5 and deploy across multiple platforms with less time and effort than with building native apps. Firefox OS isn’t about either/or – it’s about and. If you already have an HTML5 app or website, list it in Firefox Marketplace for incremental reach. And you can easily port it to reach multiple platforms without having to create a new native app each time.

2. Penetration into New Markets and Customer Segments

Access entirely new markets and leverage the rare opportunity to be the among the first app experiences among first-time smartphone owners to create deeply engaging, immersive customer relationships in a market that hasn’t yet been overstimulated by mobile content or advertising.


3. Visibility and Discovery

Apple’s App Store and Google Play have almost or over a million apps each making visibility a huge challenge, especially for newcomers: last year, only 17% of the top 300 apps in the iPhone App Store and 12% in Google Play were new applications (Revenue figures tell an equally sad story). With an app catalog of ~1500, Firefox Marketplace has most of the big-name apps but still lots of room for newcomers to become successful. Plus, our communities seek out and promote the most relevant local content, creating a huge opportunity for localized apps.

Again, this is a “limited time” opportunity that can be used to drive a sense of urgency. The opportunity declines as the Marketplace populates, but we are a long, long way from having the anywhere close to the app volume of iOS/Android (if ever), so this value prop has some longevity. The last point is about local content and the community's willingness ability to drive adoption of the local content.

4. The Benefits of Open

Make your own rules. List your app through a traditional marketplace, link through your own site, or do both. You choose what payment systems to use, what advertising models to use, and what countries to list your app in (pick one, some, or all). With an open platform, innovation has no boundaries, and neither does your imagination.

5. The Opportunity to Lead

You don’t have to create the next Angry Birds to be successful on Firefox OS. With a smaller app catalog and first-time smartphone users, there’s a need for even basic apps. While there may already be 30 versions of a certain type of app on other platforms, yours can become the leader on ours."


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5 years ago
Given that this is an HTML5 developers conference, doesn't it seem a little redundant to post banner ads telling people to develop in HTML5? That doesn't seem like the right message to me...

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5 years ago
Bill Walker is giving a presentation titled: Firefox Marketplace: Breaking the Stranglehold of App Stores

"This summer, Mozilla launched Firefox OS for mobile phones along with an Apps ecosystem based on the open web. The ecosystem includes a a payments mechanism that offers direct carrier billing for web apps, a crossplatform solution that provides a native app experience on every supported device, and the Firefox Marketplace for discovering and purchasing Apps.The Firefox Marketplace is an app on every Firefox OS phone. More than that, it is a community of developers, reviewers, curators, and consumers and a suite of web services made available to the whole ecosystem. The power of these communities and services creates an unfair advantage with which this ecosystem will transform the mobile Web."

Given that Bill is talking about the app ecosystem of the Marketplace, maybe the messaging could focus on points 3-5 of Sakina's copy: visibility and discovery, the benefits of open, and the opportunity to lead?

Sorry all - I definitely thought these web ads would be the Marketplace logo that linked to the Marketplace web page, didn't realize it would be so involved.

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5 years ago
Hi guys, I believe the due date is approaching for these? I have some availability to get moving on the various layouts. Even though messaging hasn't been finalized yet, I can setup the visuals, but want to confirm that it will be the Marketplace branded look that we will be going with? Something comprised of the Marketplace logo along with a short headline and a call to action button/messaging ?

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5 years ago
I hate to sound like a broken record here, but it still isn't clear to me what we need to do here. It's great to have the background, but we really need clearer direction from the marketing team as to what product or brand we're featuring and what the CTA is. We won't be able to start until we have all the above background info boiled down to that.

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5 years ago
Marking this as won't fix since the event has passed.
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