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OdinMonkey: loosen up type rules for ~~ and +


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This bug loosens the asm.js type system in two places where we are currently overly conservative:

~~ can take doublish since it will coerce 'undefined' to 0 which is equivalent to ~~+undefined.

Binary + can take doublish since 'undefined' will be coerced to NaN.  The danger is if + could somehow end up doing a string concat, but this requires one of lhs or rhs to already be a string, so we're safe.
This patch also removes Type::Unknown which is no longer part of the asm.js type system (it was removed with the new explicit call coercion rules).
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Sketch of the correctness argument below:

+: The only way a non-double value can flow into an expression of type doublish is the value undefined being triggered by out-of-bounds reads from the heap typed array. So the only cases for + we have to consider are double + double, undefined + double, double + undefined, and undefined + undefined. In all three cases, we are at step 8 in 11.6.1 of ES5:

ToNumber(undefined) is NaN, so the implementation of the out-of-bounds load can just produce NaN.

~~: We are at step 2 in 11.4.8 of ES5:

ToInt32(undefined) converts undefined to NaN (step 1) and then returns 0 (step 2). So again the out-of-bounds load can just produce NaN.

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