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nsISelectionListener notification isn't correct for XUL textbox for the first time


(Core :: DOM: Selection, defect, P5)





(Reporter: surkov, Unassigned)


Before XUL textbox editor is initialized (when XUL textbox is clicked/focused for the first time) then nsISelectionListener notifies the presshell's selection change (not the selection of HTML input of XUL textbox). The focus node of chanted selection is XUL textbox, offset is 0 regardless the caret is the end of the XUL textbox's text.

I run into this bug during some a11y selection code reworks. I appreciate if you can help/resolve this issue so I don't need to workaround it in a11y.
Component: Disability Access APIs → Selection
I don't know what the focusing behavior in XUL should look like.  But if you set a breakpoint in Selection::NotifySelectionListeners you should be able to find out who's causing a selection change.
(BTW, sorry for the late reply, please needinfo me if you want a fast turn-around time.  Thanks!)

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