track event resize handles to update in time and not start



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5 years ago
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5 years ago
This is a feature request, and code lives here:

A slight change on how things work, but should be considered.

Right now, resize handles modify the start and end times, and in and out times are changed using the editor ui draggable widget.

Out time and end time right now are functionally the same thing, other than end time has the start time offset, and out's context is just the media clip's time.

This patch changes how the handles work, they now update the in and out times.

I see advantages to both workflows, and not sure which one to optimize for.

Filing this to get more eyes on it, and so we don't lose it.

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5 years ago
I was working with a media clip the other day, and found myself needing this feature.

If you have the current time at the point you want the video to start at, you might need an easy way to just say start at this time.

One way is to let the drag handle do this, like this ticket is suggesting, another is to show a current time in the cropping tool in the editor. Just have a little red line like we have in the super scrollbar.


5 years ago
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5 years ago
Keeping this open, but I don't think we'll come to a decision any time soon, so moving off me.
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4 years ago
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