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Steps to reproduce:

Running Firefox 24 on Win 7 Pro, downloaded and installed java run time 7.0.450.0.18 with plug in Unable to get java to run, despite using a trusted site, and setting Firefox to request permission. Add ons manager indicates that this version has known problems, but this is the most up to date version of the software available- according to both the Mozilla and Java websites.

Actual results:

Trying to run software from Pearson Educational Software, mission critical to an on line class that I am starting next week- this is a new computer that I have just received and have been in the process of getting all the software properly installed.
Java will NOT run despite multiple browser restarts and even a cold boot of the laptop.

Expected results:

an interactive program should run. I do NOT even get a warning message asking if I wish to activate the plug in for a known good program.

Comment 1

5 years ago
Hi there, 
I don't remember exactly but somewhat similar issue I faced on Windows 8 64 bits.
Main problem is that Firefox build is 32 bits while I installed JDK 64 bits.
So, Java do not recognize for FF on Win 8 x64 bits.
Then I give try to JDK 32 bits on same platform;  and .......
Java starts working on the WIN 8 64 bits.
I think this might help you to solve your problem.

Comment 2

5 years ago
Mayur Patil is correct. See <>. If you insist on having Java 64-bit, you must _also_ install the 32-bit one for applications that are 32-bit, such as your humble browser. I find simpler just to install the 32-bit alone. Also uninstall any older java versions.

In Firefox, check the menu Tools > Addons > Plugins. Do you see Java somewhere? It should be set at either "Ask to Activate" or "Always Activate".

We can't reproduce running Pearson software here… This is a good test to see if it works:

If you see 4 clocks, then it's good.

Comment 3

5 years ago
Have you tried installing the 32bit version of Java? As others have said, 32bit applications like Firefox, require 32bit versions of their plugins.
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Comment 4

5 years ago
Thanks for the help. Downloading the full package and installing from the download rather than direct from the website has corrected the problem.

This download and reinstall was *after* the four clocks test, which my machine passed easily.

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