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Investigate why cycle collector doesn't merge compartments in three.js demo


(Core :: XPCOM, defect)

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(Keywords: testcase)

If you load this demo:
...and hit reload in the middle of the loading, you get a CC that looks like this:

CC(T+151.9) duration: 1330ms, suspected: 1252, visited: 1632 RCed and 1065891 GCed, collected: 1090 RCed and 1065783 GCed (1066873|3 waiting for GC)

In theory, we should be trying to merge the JS compartments in the CC graph, and then we wouldn't get such a long CC, and it would be harder to blow up the hash table memory.  I should look into why that isn't happening...
Well, it looks like sometimes it works, so maybe this is just the heuristic being touchy, which isn't surprising:
CC(T+34.6) duration: 3348ms, suspected: 214, visited: 1100 RCed and 1183 merged GCed, collected: 979 RCed and 1080 GCed (2059|2 waiting for GC)
Keywords: testcase
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