nsFrameConstructorState::ProcessFrameInsertions is slow

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When opening the treeview in Gecko profiler and resizing the window, 
nsLayoutUtils::DoCompareTreePosition(nsIFrame*,nsIFrame*...) takes over 85% of the time.
Under it GetPlaceholderFrameFor is about 50%.

I'm testing a simple placeholder cache if it helps with this case.
If not, perhaps we should keep placeholder member variable in frames?
The cache doesn't seem to help.
ok, so the problem is nsFrameConstructorState::ProcessFrameInsertions.
We end up calling CompareTreePosition a lot, and that calls FillAncestors.
Simple fix is to cache the result of FillAncestors for firstNewFrame,
but for other things...
One possibility would be to not do the linear search but binary or tree search or so when
going trough childList.
Summary: nsLayoutUtils::DoCompareTreePosition is slow → nsFrameConstructorState::ProcessFrameInsertions is slow
patch coming
Assignee: nobody → bugs
And the testcase is to create a profile using gecko profiler and alt+click the root arrow
(that expands the whole tree-view).
Depends on: 928645
Bug 928645 is annoying, but I think we should fix this even before that.
Or in other words, I don't have cycles to look at bug 928645.
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The hack for the old behavior isn't pretty, but easy to remove once
the other bug is fixed.
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Actually, since the code is originally from bug 217604, perhaps you
roc could review.
(I'm sure you remember what you did 10 years ago ;) )
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Review of attachment 819356 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: layout/base/nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp
@@ +1270,5 @@
> +      nsIFrame* insertionPoint = nullptr;
> +      int32_t imin = 0;
> +      int32_t imax = children.Length() - 1;
> +      int32_t imid = 0;
> +      while (imax >= imin) {

I think it's a little clear if imax is exclusive; so set imax to children.Length() and make appropriate changes below.
There was a reason why it was imax, not max ;)
But ok.
Posted patch v2Splinter Review
This way then.
(to me this is harder to understand since we don't handle
boundary points the same way anymore. [min, max] vs [min, max) )
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Review of attachment 820294 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: layout/base/nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp
@@ +1271,5 @@
> +      int32_t imin = 0;
> +      int32_t imid = 0;
> +      int32_t max = children.Length();
> +      while (max > imin) {
> +        imid = imin + ((max - imin) / 2);

declare imid here.
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Closed: 6 years ago
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