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[Settings][UX] "Selected Keyboards" screen should have the "Add more keyboards" content


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The "Selected Keyboards" screen offers a button to "Add more keyboards" - This seems like a useless extra click, when the "Selected Keyboards" screen could just be replaced with the "Add more keyboards" screen to be able to add and remove "Selected Keyboards" on the "Selected Keyboards" screen.

I don't think there will be many situations in which you want to go to the "selected keyboards" screen without also wanting to actually select/deselect keyboards, but if you did only want to know which keyboards are selected, the same information is available on the "Add more keyboards" screen.
Not sure if this is the right way to report a UX issue or not, but the current behavior of these screens seems weird to me.
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Summary: [Settings][UX] "Selected Keyboards" seems to be a useless screen → [Settings][UX] "Selected Keyboards" screen should have the "Add more keyboards" content
Corey, 1.3 and 1.4 include significant changes to Keyboard at both the Gaia and Gecko layers. I can file this away as something to evaluate as part of all of those improvements.
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We've considered this approach before. However, it is difficult for users to check the enabled layouts at a glance if they install lots of layouts.
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