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B2G RIL: "Import SIM Contact" failed after when Contact API is WebIDLized.


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Insert some SIM with some SIM contacts on it.

Contact App -> Settings -> Import Contacts -> SIM card

Now we got the following message.

10-21 11:31:42.294: E/GeckoConsole(704): [JavaScript Error: "'toJSON' called on an object that does not implement interface mozContact." {file: "jar:file:///system/b2g/omni.ja!/components/RILContentHelper.js" line: 1467}]
I'll check if it's something wrong from RIL first.
And discuss the correct way to fix this with Reuben.
Assignee: nobody → allstars.chh
Sorry I forgot to mention I have enabled the DEBUG_ALL flag in dom/system/gonk/ril_consts.js. 
If I set it to false, now the Gaia part will meet this error.

10-21 14:55:02.601: E/GeckoConsole(1408): [JavaScript Error: "TypeError: Argument 1 of does not implement interface mozContact." {file: "app://" line: 184}]
Now I try to remove the ObjectWrapper added from Bug 842981, now Gaia got some error.

10-21 15:36:34.602: E/GeckoConsole(1898): [JavaScript Error: "TypeError: Value being assigned to ContactField.type is not an object." {file: "app://" line: 153}]
Doing Comment 3 also removes the error from Comment 2.
So now the error is in Comment 3 whether the DEBUG is on or off in RILContentHelper.js
Yes, this is incorrect usage of the mozContact interface. Comment 2 means you're trying to do something like |{name: ["foo"]});| or whatever. You have to create a mozContact object first:

  var c = new mozContact({name: ["foo"]});;

Comment 3 means you're trying to set .type to something that's incompatible with the interface (it needs to be an array of strings).
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Seems somebody commited before me, rebase again
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