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Let people tell us more easily if answer didn't help


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We provide a very easy way for people to tell us when the answer they received per email was helpful. All they have to do is click the big green button in the email. But when they want to tell us that the answer didn't help them, they have to find their way back to the forum, sign in, and leave a reply. And even if they do that, the status of the thread does not change. 

We should offer users an easy way to get back to us and tell us that the answer didn't help them. This should also change the status of the thread.
Proposal: This stays as a text link as it is today, but clicking it will let you write a response no matter what. Currently most users will be at least initially logged out when they click that link the first time (the most crucial time). We should remove that hurdle. 

Not sure how this would be implemented, but the crucial part is that people can write a response right away. Whether it's easier to log people in to their account or use some other way does not matter for the purpose of this bug. They don't need to be able to surf around and respond to some other bug for example.
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Filed bug 937889, pushing this to next sprint.
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We would need:

* A new model that stores one-time use tokens.
* Middleware that listens for a special query parameter that contains the token. It would check the token against a database table to validate it and then login the user if all is good.
* Show the user an INFO message so they know they got logged in automatically
* The email notification stuff needs to send the special URLs
* Cronjob to clean out old/expired tokens
* Tests
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Missed the sprint. Pushing on.
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deployed to prod now.
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