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Reasoning (Stanford) tools to check Mozilla's source code



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16 years ago
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(Reporter: Olivier Cahagne, Assigned: Scott Collins)


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16 years ago
It would be nice, in order to improve code quality, to have the C code (perhaps
some C++) checked by the Stanford tools in the same way they've been checking
the Linux kernel code.
See for example: http://www.xfree86.org/pipermail/xpert/2001-May/008465.html
they are willing to work with XFree86 source code.

These tools' source code not being released, someone would have to motivate the
Stanford team to look at Mozilla's code.

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16 years ago
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16 years ago
i think this was mentioned in bug 89539.

I wrote To: mc@cs.stanford.edu on 7/6/2001 4:50 AM asking about this. I have 
not received a reply.
One of the big problems w/ the meta checker is that they seem to need rules to 
apply and i'm not quite sure what rules we could give them.

Assuming xpidlcstring is still leak able those rules might be simple enough to 

As of early july the code checker seemed to be C oriented (hands still refers 
to xgcc) so it's unclear how useful the checking would be for mozilla where 
most of the code we'd want them to find leaks in is C++ (and hopefully usually 
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15 years ago
Summary: [RFE] Stanford tools to check Mozilla's source code → Stanford tools to check Mozilla's source code

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14 years ago
I think some of the[se] people at Stanford spawned a new code-checking company
called "Reasoning". They've been doing some PR work checking TCP/IP stacks and
Apache and ranking them up against "commercial" software.

They want to do a new project and this time you get to vote:
Mozilla isn't listed but you can add it.

[however, the entire reasoning site seems to be down today]

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14 years ago
switched Stanford URL http://metacomp.stanford.edu/ with
http://www.reasoning.com/ as the site is alive again.
Summary: Stanford tools to check Mozilla's source code → Reasoning (Stanford) tools to check Mozilla's source code

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a year ago
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