figure out how to create "wasabi" builds manually



5 years ago
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we've been asked to generate "wasabi" builds. Before we can automate builds, we need instructions on how to build... hence this bug. 

(If it helps for us to assign out a loaner machine, let us know and we'll make that happen.)

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5 years ago
Here are what I know.
1. Sync to newest based of mozilla-b2g/B2G.git.
2. BRANCH=master ./ wasabi
3. ./ && ./
4. Update boot image for FxOS and refer to Note b.

Note(Need get following file from taipei system team):
  a. the backup-wasabi (Blobs from Android version) is put on public/B2G/N970_platform/n970-ics.tgz
  b. the boot image is put on public/B2G/N970_platform/N970_b2g_boot.img

Hi Marco, could you please review if I am right and provide help? Thanks
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5 years ago
To build v1.2 wasabi, please set the Branch parameter to 
 BRANCH=v1.2 ./ wasabi

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5 years ago
Hi all,

The steps provided by Ken and Enpei are correct.
By they way I am on the business trip now so I can't upload backup-wasabi and boot image into for you to download.

Tomorrow I will back to office and do this for you.
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Hi Marco,

Can you please get us backup-wasabi at your earliest convenience?
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5 years ago

Thanks for your reminding. It's my bad for the delay.
I sent a mail to you for how to download because these blobs are not from Mozilla.
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5 years ago
Hi Chris,

Is there anything I can help? or you can build it already.

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Build is created. Link sent via email.
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5 years ago
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2 years ago
I don't think we need these anymore.
Please reopen with an explanation if we still need this bug open.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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