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No helper app for Flickr/Yelp


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Currently on visiting Flickr with Flickr (application) installed, I am not seeing a helper Android icon in the URL bar.

i) Install Flickr for Android (

ii) Visit, click explore, nearby, welcome, etc

Nightly (10/22) | Samsung Galaxy SIV (Android 4.3)
E/GeckoConsole(10961): Sending: {"type":"Intent:GetHandlers","mime":"","action":"","url":"","packageName":"","className":""}
works for stock and chrome browsers I assume?
I don't have access to stock anymore, nor did it have any such (switch from page to native app) feature neither does Chrome as far as I'm aware.
Yelp as well, I have the native client installed but am not offered the ability to switch over to it. What are the conditions?
Summary: No helper app for Flickr → No helper app for Flickr/Yelp
So I see a helper app show up if I go to yelp with a desktop user agent. Though not for Flickr.
There seems to be something that happens with internal redirects.

So opening from Chrome opens the Twitter app.

Opening it from Firefox takes me over to Twitter, and then on Twitter there's an instant redirect to - which _doesn't_ have an intent registered.

Which means that you never, on Firefox, have the option to open in the Twitter app rather than going to the web page.

I suspect something similar is happening with Yelp/Flickr.

To be honest, I think that when arriving on pages that have a helper app registered, Firefox should be popping up a "Continue with Firefox/Open Helper app" choice, with the option of "Once/Always".  Because I _never_ want to open Twitter in Firefox, I always want to use the application, and making me press extra buttons every time is going to get very dull, very quickly.
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