Deprecate unsafeWindow and issue a deprecation warning if it is used.



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We're cleaning up a bunch of implementation warts and want to eventually replace unsafeWindow with a better api that Gabor is working on. In order to transition smoothly, we should start to issue a deprecation warning when unsafeWindow is used in content scripts, ASAP.
We can't deprecate until we have an alternative
(In reply to Dave Townsend (:Mossop) from comment #1)
> We can't deprecate until we have an alternative

Agreed, but Gabor would have me believe this is imminent. So I guess this should be possible once th enew apis are in place?
What I know of the APIs is that they expose chrome stuff to content. But don't many add-ons use unsafeWindow to get at content stuff from chrome?
Actually both direction should be addressed. But Dave is right, we still need to provide a nice high level API on top of the low level version I landed. And the API I landed is only available on nightly right now...

On the other hand according to our documentation: "Also, unsafeWindow isn't a supported API, so it could be removed or changed in a future version of the SDK."

Anyway I would save this bullet after we have the docs in place for the new API or something. So once we get the attention of add-on developers with this warning we can point them to the new shiny API they can use instead.
If we're going to deprecate something, it's P1. Deprecating unsafeWindow involves having a viable alternative.
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I talked to Bobby about this. So unsafeWindow does not have to be deprecated but there were restrictions there. When someone does = {...} that object will be opaque for content. To warn add-on developers about this upcoming change I think we have to do the warning thing from platform side.
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things have changed..
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