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The mailing list community-german ( ) has the Reply-To header set to the mailing list mail address. By doing so, replying to such a mail results in a reply to the mailing list, not the author of the message.

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4 years ago
This is a holy war topic. I _believe_ all our lists are configured this way, intentionally, to encourage open discussion. If there is overwhelming consensus on a particular list to do things differently, perhaps it could be considered - you'd have to ask the technical team. (I know they prefer list config uniformity, as it's easier to administer.)

yes, as Gerv said, this is intentional. These are supposed to be community discussion lists, and discussion started on the list is intended to stay on the list, and an intentional decision should be made to move a discussion elsewhere.
(In reply to Gervase Markham [:gerv] from comment #1)
> This is a holy war topic.
Indeed, see bug 925756 comment 7 where the issue got discovered.

> I _believe_ all our lists are configured this way
No, e.g. tb-planning is not.

> to encourage open discussion.
Not everything sent to a mailing list is discussion. If mail programs fail to offer distinguished choices for replying to the author of the mail, fix the mail programs. If someone has posted something on the mailing list which requires a reply only to him (e.g. providing personal information, assigning a task), 'Reply to All' and deleting the mailing list address is the current way to achieve that.

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4 years ago
(In reply to Archaeopteryx [:aryx] from comment #3)
> > I _believe_ all our lists are configured this way
> No, e.g. tb-planning is not.

I should have been more specific; I was referring to all of the mailing lists which are part of the standard Discussion Forums (which tb-planning is not).

I really don't feel like having the holy war here. Like I said, changing this would require a large consensus on the list in question, coupled with the willingness of our tech team to support a non-standard config.


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4 years ago
If we believe there are MUAs that people use that don't handle message messages with List-Post headers correctly (read: by adding a "Reply to List" button like Thunderbird does), could we at least evangelize the issue so that some day in the future, Mozilla can stop doing this? I know Gmail is really bad about this, but I'm not sure about other MUAs.

RFC 2369 has been around for 15 years now, and it's fairly disappointing that we feel the need to make usability worse on reasonable mailers (especially Thunderbird!) in order to accommodate broken ones.

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4 years ago
I mentioned this on bug 925756, but for tracking purposes I'll say it here too. Maybe we could update GNU Mailman to have a per-user setting for enabling/disabling Reply-To munging. I think this would be generally applicable to many lists, since a subscriber's preference in this regard does not necessarily match the list administrator's. If this sounds reasonable, I'll see about sending a patch to the GNU Mailman folks.
I did this on support-thunderbird 6 years ago [1].
The reason is that newsgroup subscribers wanting to reply to a message privately couldn't use "reply to sender only".

aryx, this is a setting in the admin panel, so if you're not the list admin, you need to contact and have them change the setting. It's on the first admin panel. A more specific URL would be <>


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4 years ago
WONTFIX as per comment 4.

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