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truncate descriptions on dashboard


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Feedback response descriptions can have immense lengths. At some point, someone requested that we truncate the descriptions at like 500 characters so the dashboard page isn't crazy. For some reason, some of that code was written, but not completed.
I contend that we should:

1. truncate the feedback response descriptions on the dashboard page to like 500 characters

2. if you click on the permalink for a response, the response details page should show the full description (it does this currently--we wouldn't change this)

Two questions:

1. Should we go ahead with this? (I think yes.)

2. Is 500 characters a good truncation length? (I did some poking around and think yes.)

This is a trivial change and we can easily tweak the truncation length later if we want to change it or undo it.
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This is an easy change. It'd make the main dashboard page less crazy when we have those huge responses.

If I don't hear anything back on this, I'll push it off to next quarter.
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Hey Will. This looks great. Please proceed as you've described above.
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Grabbing this since I'm working on it.
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Pushed to prod just now.
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