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Whitelist annotation "BIOS_Manufacturer"


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In bug 921609 I added an annotation called "BIOS_Manufacturer". Can we put this on the whitelist to make it available on the crash reports UI?
I can certainly add it to the API [1] but we don't really have another whitelist for any other UI. All other things are are more or less hardcoded in the templates. 

Somewhere in the jungle of bugzilla we have a bug that will change the report index page to have two tables (in two separate sub-tabs) of 1) All primary main data 2) A complete list of all (allowed to see) keys and values from the raw crash. 

Can't find that bug right now but I'll search for it. 

[1] is the bug that will make the full raw crash available on the individual crash report page. 

So, can you wait till gets implemented (could be weeks or months realistically) or shall we go ahead with just doing the API whitelisting inclusion for now?
Depends on: 908469
This is for the AMD CPU investigation, so I'd prefer not to wait weeks/months.
I can whitelist it and it will be available on the API and on the report list page (if you know the signature).
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I think, even after landing that pull request, we'll close this bug and keep our hopes and focus on for a more pleasant way of accessing raw crash data on an individual crash report index page.
We should do the same here that we did with bug 920439.
(In reply to Robert Kaiser ( from comment #7)
> We should do the same here that we did with bug 920439.

That's what I did in
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