Ezboot can't set up certs to test payments on Inari devices

RESOLVED FIXED in 2013-11-12


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5 years ago
I'm trying to setup payments on a inari device

The ezboot and also https://github.com/briansmith/marketplace-certs don't work with Inaris

Can someone help setup these device or make it work on any device that we have.
Hey Brian - is this something you or someone you know could help us out with?  We're phasing out Unagis, and I need to get our contractors and in-country testers (plus a few community members) transitioned to Inaris, and this would help unblock that; thanks!
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Summary: Ezboot can't setup certs to test payments on Inari devices → Ezboot can't set up certs to test payments on Inari devices
I will not be able to get to this soon. Sid may know somebody who can help. I suggest Camilo as I seem to remember him helping on marketplace cert stuff before.
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5 years ago
guys what do we need on the device to make payments on the Inaris 
We are blocked by this on the automation. Can we get a list of things that need to be changed and we might try to make it happen
I can take a look at adding a patch to ezboot to fix the problem with inaris. I'll make a branch and then I'll need someone with an inari to help test it.
Here's a branch if someone wants to give it a spin? https://github.com/kumar303/ezboot/pull/18

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5 years ago
Thanks to Stuart for working on this. Going forwards, we will need to support more devices like hamachis, keons etc. It is something to think of while we keep adding patches to ezboot.
I added some comments to the patch but in theory it seems like it will work. Who has an inari who can test it? Krupa?
Just a heads up if anyone had already pulled that branch to test it. I've changed --flash_device_string to --flash_device_id as per :kumar's suggestion
if you do `sudo pip install -U ezboot` then you'll get the new version with inari support. I think this fixes the issue, right? Stuart said Bebe tried it on inari and it was working. I don't know if he went so far as to run a packaged dev after installing the certs though.
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Clearing needsinfo. I've explained the install of the packaged apps for -dev to :Bebe and we'll raise new bugs if there's anything else that needs to be done.
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