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mochitest's EventUtils.synthesizeMouse functions not e10s friendly


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At least 1 test (browser_fullscreen-window-open.js) calls EventUtils.synthesizeMouseAtCenter() passing a content window.  Internally, this tries to get nsIDOMWindowUtils, but this isn't available for remote processes.  It probably wouldn't be too hard to implement this in an e10s friendly async manner, but the function is currently sync, so the tests might need to change.
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The  _getDOMWindowUtils function of EventUtils can be found here:
If I understand this bug correctly, SpecialPowers.getDOMWindowUtils(content.window) doesn't work?
Blocks: 1100698
This breaks a lot of the browser/base/content/test/general/ tests, so if/when this is fixed, ideally we should go through the list of tests that reference this bug and check if they're still broken.
Blocks: 1080801
Blocks: 1100703
Bug 1131818 adds a version of synthesizeMouse to BrowserTestUtils.jsm. We could move it if it turns out we need this for non-browser tests.
Blocks: 1131818
No longer blocks: 1100703
No longer blocks: 1131818
Not sure if we need to fix synthesizeMouse now that 1131818 is done. Maybe just close this bug?
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