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properly cross-compile WebRTC


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Over in bug 921040, we're trying to compile Firefox for Mac on a Linux host.  There's no special logic in the Mozilla build system to tell WebRTC that we're cross-compiling.

I think I have this nailed for the darwin-cross case; I'll have to make the patch more general before it's ready, though.
This part doesn't work if you don't specify --with-macos-sdk on the configure
line.  I'm not sure how to deal with that, and I am seeking feedback for how
to bend gyp to my will.

Nominating Ted, because he might understand gyp.
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Let's not assume host==target when compiling WebRTC.
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Let's not assume host==target and let's not assume we know where our sdk is.
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Turns out we don't have to do any violence to the gyp files.  We just have to
make not complain and silently return a bogus valuein such cases.
People compiling for OS X and not setting --with-macos-sdk get what they
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Same patch as before, but using the "correct" mac_sdk_path gyp variable, rather than
the subtly different mac_sdk gyp variable.  No functional change.
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part 2 - inform WebRTC of our chosen target when invoking gyp

Whoops, meant to carry over ted's r+ on this one.
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part 1 - make silently comply if we're not running on a Mac host

Review of attachment 828708 [details] [diff] [review]:

This probably needs to go upstream.
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hmm this broke webrtc compilation on linux arm target... is anything need to be done to make it works back?
Depends on: 937990
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