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5 years ago
>>Project/Request Title:
Firefox/Firefox OS Features Guide Updates

>>Project Overview:
Over the next couple of months, we'd like to do three updates to our current features guides: 
Firefox for Android: I should have content and final screen shots for the updated Firefox for Android features guide by EOW next week. This isn't a *huge* update but we definitely have some new content and updated screen shots we'd like to include. 
Firefox desktop: With Australis in Firefox 28, we'd love to do an updated Features Guide. The content will not change much (if at all) but we'll need to replace all screen shots with updated versions. We'd love to have this done early to mid February 2014. 
Firefox OS: We'll need to update the Firefox OS features guide for 1.2. We'll likely need an updated feature's guide in mid-November. This will be a very small update. :) 

>>Creative Specs & Deliverables:
The final deliverables will be three printed Firefox features guides. PSD or InDesign files are fine so we can get it printed :) 

>>Launch Date:

>>Creative Due Date:

>>Mozilla Goal:

>>Points of Contact:

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5 years ago
How about we make this bug for the FxOS guide, and then you can file new ones for the others as needed.

With that in mind, when will you have the various details needed to get started?

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5 years ago
Sounds good. EJ had asked me to file one bug to get things on your radar and see if we need to bring in outside resources. The Android one will be done first as I expect (hope) to have that content final  by the end of next week. The OS one is still TBD.

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5 years ago
Thanks Shannon. Please go ahead and file all the bugs so we have them. We probably will need to bring in an outside resource, but I'd like to know more about how the timing plays out.

For example, if you have Android content by end of next week, and the FxOS one is due in mid-November, wouldn't the work on those two pretty much overlap?

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5 years ago
Hey Shannon. Any updates on this?


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