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disable snippet upload for nightly builds


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Now that Nightlies (and very soon, Aurora) are on Balrog we don't technically need snippets to be uploaded to aus3-staging. It would be good to wait until we have extended attributes though, because then we can run another snippet comparison to be 100% sure that Balrog is doing the same thing as AUS3.

We should also update the cronjobs on aus3 to not delete the last remaining nightly/aurora snippets - we'll want those in place until we redirect aus3.m.o requests to aus4.m.o.
This is more complicated than just setting create_snippet to False where it's True in buildbot-configs (excluding seamonkey!). That would
* stop setting MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL at compile time
* remove the steps that generate completes and partials, set properties for those, and call to the balrog submitter
* probably other things as well
Jordan told me yesterday that he ripped out snippet support from his desktop mozharness script - so we might be able to call this WONTFIX for MercurialBuildFactory builds...
Once bug 1055918 has that work landed everywhere we can take a large knife to MercurialBuildFactory and NightlyBuildFactory to stop uploading snippets on Android.
Depends on: 1055918
Blocks: diesnippets
I think this is done now. I don't see any new nightly snippets being uploaded:
[bhearsum@ausupload1.dmz.phx1 2]$ find /opt/aus2/incoming/2 -type f | grep '/2015022'
find: `/opt/aus2/incoming/2/Thunderbird/comm-central/Linux_x86-gcc3/20130627031213': Permission denied
[bhearsum@ausupload1.dmz.phx1 2]$ 

The most recent ones were Thunderbird comm-aurora, 2 weeks ago:
Closed: 6 years ago
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Component: General Automation → General
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