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Add an --install-extension option to mach mochitests


(Testing :: Mochitest, defect)

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(Reporter: tanvi, Unassigned)


Mochitests previously had a command line option to install an extension before a test ran (--install-extension).  Since the old way of running mochitests is being decommissioned for mach, please add an install extension option to mach.

Feel free to move this to "Core - mach" if "Testing - Mochitest" is not the right product.

Thank you!
This is outside of my area of expertise - jmaher or gps can probably best answer this :-)
really we should ensure that all mochitest options are exposed in mach- and I would prefer if we didn't have to duplicate all code to define these options.

This code will need to be done in the, not the mochitest harness.
We could get creative and have the mochitest runner expose a "populate argument parser" function. Then, we just need a mechanism inside mach's command dispatch logic to call out to said function.
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