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New about:home does not display on which device the synced tab is open


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The old about:home page on android would display a list of synced tabs, grouped by the device on which they were open, similar to about:sync-tabs on Desktop.

From what I understand, the synced tabs now appear in the Top Sites section, but there is no way of knowing that, or of knowing on which device they are open. Grouping them together or labeling them would be great.
Synced tabs may coincidentally show up in the "Top Sites" page (if they are a page you visit often), but I don't think they are included because of their synced status.

Synced tabs (with device names) are currently accessible via the tab tray (click the icon that specifies the number of tabs you have open, click the sync icon at the top in the now open tabs tray), but I would agree that it's something we could consider restoring to the new about:home screen - I'd just be worried about the duplication of information.
Maybe an item in the list that would open the Synced Tabs view would be better usability-wise.
via IRC:

<ibarlow> mcomella: of the 'future home' things we're working on includes adding other lists of things to the home page, one of which could be your synced tabs
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