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[meta] Memory usage improvements


(Firefox for Android :: General, defect)

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(Depends on 7 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

We should be taking regular HPROF dumps of Firefox in use, watching for patterns like redundant strings in memory, leaks, etc.
Depends on: 933992
Depends on: 962968
Depends on: 1039902
Depends on: 1041616
Blocks: 1106827
I took a recent memory dump on a Nexus 9.

Notable culprits:

* We have 4.5MB of Resources in memory at all times. This is almost entirely Bitmaps. We need fewer bitmaps.

* Each tab holds a 650KB thumbnail as a Bitmap (as well as the BitmapDrawable itself). This is insane. If we must hold on to a thumbnail, make it a PNG or something, and create the Bitmap when necessary.

* The Picasso LRU cache is 200KB. We should flush this aggressively on memory pressure events.
Depends on: 1116349
Depends on: 1116350
Depends on: 1116351
Duplicate of this bug: 1126718
Depends on: 1128561
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